Save time and money on shipping

We as Hansa-Messe-Speed GmbH concentrate on the message to save the exhibitors two most precious trade show commodities: time and money. Questions about customs and transportation are the largest budget items and we would to reduce the majority of exhibitors' anxiety.

Here are the key points:

1. Be proactive and place orders early.
2. Communicate early about what is being shipped. The representatives Hansa-Messe-Speed GmbH can save you time by guiding you through completing the proper documentation.
3. Identify what goods will be returned after the event; doing this will result in the most cost-effective, customs clearance method possible.
4. Consolidate, label and pack your shipments properly; avoid unnecessary individual transportation, customs and material handling charges encountered by sending separate shipments. Avoid special handling charges for 'loose packed' items and be sure to palletize, shrink-wrap and band your skids.
5. Respect assembly and move out schedule – you will be rewarded. You will stay on budget if your shipments arrive during straight-time hours. You will avoid unnecessary delays and unanticipated carrier charges for waiting time and/or forced freight.

Download the documents for an offer for bringing your goods directly to your stand in the exhibition hall at Crocus Expo Center and see for further questions the FAQ's regarding logistics below.

International consignments

All international consignments have to be handled through Hansa-Messe-Speed GmbH as exclusive nominated official on-site exhibition freight forwarder. For all questions, deadlines and regulations regarding transport to and from the fairground, on-site handling and customs procedure please get in contact with HMS directly.

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Hansa-Messe-Speed GmbH
Mr Eduard Altergott
Bornberg 94
42109 Wuppertal / Germany
Phone.: +49.(0)202. 27158-21
Fax: +49.(0)202.27158-56

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Which services does the official freight forwarder offer?

  • transport
  • documentation (import and export customs clearance in shipping country and exhibition country)
  • handling
  • collection and storage of empties / cargo
  • on-site support by HMS staff
  • provision of additional services: manpower and equipment, licences, certificates etc.

Which information is required to receive an offer?

Offers are calculated individually taking into account geographical, political and economic aspects. Please provide the following details to receive a customized offer:
- addresses for collection and return delivery
- number of packages
- gross weight and dimensions of all packages
- description of goods
- value of cargo

When should my goods be ready for dispatch?

Please contact Hansa-Messe-Speed (HMS) immediately after registering as exhibitor, in any case no later than 14 days prior to the dispatch of the exhibition cargo!

Please consider the following transit times:

  • sea freight 20 - 60 days (depending on geographic location)
  •  road freight 7 - 14 days (depending on geographic location)
  •  air freight 5 - 8 days (depending on geographic location)


Deadline for documentation: 14 days prior to loading of goods

Can I use Express Courier Services for the transportation to the show?

Please do NOT use express courier services for the dispatch of exhibition cargo!

Which documents are required for the transports?

a) Proforma invoice in connection with export declaration (EX-1)
It can be used for both temporary and permanent imports.
Separate proforma invoices are issued for the different customs procedures.

  • Temporary import: exhibits and stand-building material / tools
  • Permanent import: print advertising matters (catalogues, brochures), other advertising material for give-away and consumables (e.g. adhesive tape, screws, disposable dishes etc.)

b) Carnet ATA
This is only needed for the temporary import of goods to foreign countries.
All documents must be checked by the forwarder before shipping. The shipped cargo must conform to the details stated in the documents.

How should my goods be packed and labelled?

The packaging must be fit to protect and secure your cargo. In the time between collection and return the cargo is handled in several transportation steps including loading/ unloading procedures and on-site handling. Thus, stable and re-closable crates are recommended.
The suspension point and the point of gravity must be marked on heavy packages and on packages with excess dimensions.
All packages should be labelled on two sides each as follows:

Who is responsible for unloading and handling on-site?

Your exhibition cargo is delivered to your booth at the agreed time with a representative of your company being present. Should you require additional manpower or technical equipment for unloading or positioning your goods, please contact the project managers of HMS.

Local Deliveries

You are not allowed to bring goods into the hall by trolley, only handcarry!
For local deliveries by car or truck please contact:
Ms Anna Akimova
IEC Crocus Expo - on site office
Pav.I, service entrance, Room 109
Mezhdunarodnaya Str. 16,
143402, Krasnogorsk area, Moscow Region

Phone: +7.916.5304875

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Advantage for local deliveries if you use HMS services

No need to contact Transport Department at the Crocus for deliveries

  • Avoid long waits for unloading your truck
  • Handling can be booked in advance (empty packaging collection, unloading / loading before and after the trade fair)
  • Immediate personnel for unloading / loading and equipment for delivery.

Permission to load and unload at the loading docks

If you apply for this permission before the event period the permission to load and unload at the loading docks the permission is handed out by Crocus Transport Department or HMS Expo LLC.
During the event period you have to go to the Crocus Service Counter in the lobby.

Contact for exhibitors & visitors

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Moscow, Crocus Expo

27 February-1 March 2018

Opening Times:
Tuesday, 10:00 – 18:00
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